Well, with the winter months fast approaching, it’s always a good idea to get your furnace and even your A/C checked right now. Why now, you ask? In a couple of months more and more homeowners’ heaters are going to be blowing cold air because they didn’t get their furnace checked out when the weather was still somewhat bearable.

Have a specialist come and check out and possibly diagnose any issues you may have with your furnace(s). If you’re like a lot of homeowners in the Metro Atlanta area, you may have two furnaces. If the downstairs heating element goes out, it’s going to get extremely cold in your house. As science has taught us, hot air rises, and will not heat the lower level of your house.


a technician repairing an air conditioner

Getting a tune-up for your heating unit can save you big money in the future. Typically when heating and cooling systems fail, but keep running, they also run the risk of damaging the unit to an irreparable state. That’s not what you want. Take just a few minutes of your time and meet with one of the Cool Masters experts so they can make sure your units are running smoothly and efficiently.

The same goes for your air conditioning units. Get them checked before you need them. That’s the best way to approach any situation, really. Having your units checked preemptively acts as an insurance plan. Well, with the exception of the deductible, confusing legal jargon and a monthly premium.

You truly will not regret getting an inspection before it costs you a repair, or even worse, a new furnace or AC unit. The famous words of a philosopher come to mind, “Regret is worse than rejection.” Ok, maybe an ancient philosopher didn’t say that, but you understand the gist. Make sure you also change your air filter(s) every 90 days. The dust and allergens that can recirculate can be awful for your health, and even worse on your wallet.


It’s a really good idea to get the experts at Cool Masters to inspect your HVAC system every fall and spring. Something so small, if kept up can keep your heating and cooling system running for years to come. Sure you’ll have to have your refrigerant recharged occasionally, or get a small part replaced. But think about it like caring for your car, and unless you’re a professional driver, you spend way more time in your home than in your car. But your car needs oil changes, wiper blades and new tires every so often. So call the pros at Cool Masters and they’ll keep your system.