If you live near Buford, GA, then your HVAC system likely runs all year round, from warming your home in unseasonably cold winter temps to keeping your cool in the hot summer. To ensure optimal operation of your HVAC system for 365-day comfort, it’s important to maintain your equipment. And scheduling regular tune ups cannot only prevent a breakdown, but also provide a range of other benefits. Check out these top five reasons to schedule your service.


You may not believe it, but your HVAC system can be a breeding ground for dust, mold, and other allergens. If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, it’s important to regularly maintain your unit. During a tune up, not only will your service person change your air filter, he or she will also clean up any harmful particles that have built up on your coils. For an extra ounce of prevention, you may also want to arrange to have the ducts in your home cleaned since they can also harbor contaminants like dust mites and animal dander that can make your allergies flare up.


When your HVAC system is not functioning at peak performance, it has to work harder to deliver the same results. And that means it uses more energy, which can bump up your utility bills. To save on your heating and cooling costs, be sure you schedule a regular tune-up. That way, you’ll learn if you have any leaks or blockages that could be impacting your system’s performance and can address them immediately.


While most people think pollution occurs outside, your home can contain contaminants that lead to poor air quality. But an optimally functioning HVAC can help improve the air you breathe. When you schedule a tune-up, your air filters will be replaced so they function efficiently to trap small particulates and prevent them from circulating throughout your house. The result? A cleaner, healthier home.


The last thing you want on a blisteringly hot day is for your air conditioning to fail. But malfunctions can happen if your unit isn’t properly maintained. By scheduling a service check every year, you can ensure you identify and address any potential issues before they cause your system to shut down.


Depending on the nature of your unit’s problem, it can be costly to repair an HVAC system. That’s why it’s important to do preventive maintenance every year that can keep the unit performing at its best. And if you do uncover a problem during your tune-up, just remember that you’ll spend a lot less on a simple repair than on a major problem.

Keeping your HVAC performing optimally will help improve your comfort while in your home – and improve your savings. Be sure to schedule a tune-up this year with a company that specializes in air conditioning service repair in Buford, GA.