Having a window AC unit is extremely common for those living in the warm Suwanee climate. Our summers are often extremely hot, and without an AC unit, home life would be unbearable. However when winter comes, the question of what to do with the AC unit arises. Many people are unfamiliar with the way to properly store their unit, and are unaware of the potential damage that can be caused if they incorrectly store it.


The first step is to remove the AC unit from the window. To do this, first unplug the unit and remove anything acting as sealing to keep the unit placed in the window. When you remove the unit, water will likely drip out of it, especially if it has been recently used, so be prepared. After the unit is removed, be sure to close and seal the window.

Next, you will need to clean the unit. Storing a unit that’s dirty can cause damage. In order to clean it, start by wiping down the outside using a mixture of water and vinegar. Then, use a vacuum’s small brush to clean off the unit’s fins. Finally, clean out the inside using the same mixture of water and vinegar. Allow the unit to fully dry before storing it. It’s also recommended that, at this point, you replace the filter, since you have already removed the unit from the window.


When you have fully cleaned the unit, and are prepared to store it, it’s best to place it back in the original box. If you don’t have the original box, find one that is a similar size. Keeping the unit contained will help preserve its physical appearance. Before placing it in the box, wrap a plastic bag or garbage bag around the unit to further protect it.

The unit should be stored indoors, and ideally in an attic or basement. Don’t store a unit outside, as that further subjects it to the elements. It needs to be kept in a dry environment, and preferably a warm one as well.


If an AC unit isn’t stored correctly, it can suffer irreparable damage. For example, if a unit is stored outside or in a cold environment, the coils can freeze, rendering the unit inoperable.

Furthermore, if a unit is left in the window, it can not only freeze during the winter, but it will actually let cold air into the home. The gaps between the unit and the window will let in a draft, which will lower the temperature of your home and likely cause you to have higher heating bills. For help with storing your AC unit, seek out ac repair in Suwanee, GA.