HVAC units are a very important part of your home. They help with keeping you warm and cool depending on the weather outside. Sometimes your system can run into a few problems to where you will have to call Cool Masters. But, in this post we will discuss a few ways you can care for your HVAC system on your own, to minimize the number of problems your system might run into as the years progress.

The first way you can care for your system is to simply clean off your unit. You should be cleaning off the top of the unit, where the fan is. When the weather changes, a lot of things can be tossed in the air including leaves and pollen. To ensure your HVAC stays clean, you can go outside a few times a year or after every season and simply wash off the top of the unit. You can easily do this task using water from a hose and gently rinsing off the top. This will help the fans stay clean and keep them moving throughout the year to keep air going in and coming out of your home.

Another way to care for your HVAC which is also related to cleaning is to care for the land around the unit. Things like weeds, grass, and trees can get overgrown and can possibly interfere with the system by blocking the airflow. To keep this from happening, you should immediately get rid of anything that is about a foot away from the system to minimize the risk of interference.

The HVAC system connects to your inside air vents. To keep the air that is coming in nice and not contaminated, you should replace your air filters. Ideally, you should be replacing your air filters every 3 months. Doing this will keep your family safe during the worst times of pollen and pollution. The Nordic Pure is a great option to replace your air filter. You can learn more about air filters from our “CLEAN AIR: CHANGING AIR FILTERS & DUCT CLEANING” blog post.

All of these ways to care for your unit can be helpful but, sometimes there just aren’t enough to keep your system from breaking down or having other problems. If a problem occurs with your HVAC system, give Cool Masters a call immediately and we can come out and fix it. We are here to help you and your family.