You’ve probably noticed that it’s getting cooler outside and your air conditioning unit isn’t running nearly as often or as hard. That sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Cooler weather, football and everything pumpkin flavored! But then you remember that towards the end of winter that your furnace was making some not so normal sounds and that you’d have it checked out before it got cold again. Well, now’s the time to get your furnace inspected to see if you’ll need a tune-up, repair, or worse yet, replacement. Cool Masters Heating and Air conditioning are the authorities on furnace repair in Hamilton Mill, GA and will be glad to make sure your furnace is running as smooth and efficient as possible.


Your furnace is getting older, just like your A/C unit, and it needs the same love and attention that the A/C unit does. That’s where we step in! Our fully trained technicians will inspect your current heating unit and diagnose it for problems. They’ll then explain to you what’s needed in a way you understand it and will tell you exactly what you need to keep your furnace running smoothly without overcharging you.

We pride ourselves on our integrity and honesty and will only sell you what you need. Our techs will do necessary repairs to the best of their ability to keep you from buying a completely new furnace. Cool Masters serves Hamilton Mill, Georgia and the surrounding areas.


When the time comes that your furnace can no longer be repaired, we vow to be honest and extremely competitive when it comes to price and quality. We will not sell you on a unit that is going to fall apart or one that would be entirely too much for your home. Your HVAC needs are important to us and we strive to give you the utmost attention and honest answers you deserve. Our Hamilton Mill certified technicians’ main objective is to get you what you need at a price you can afford.

If you’re not sure how your furnace will operate this winter, give us a call so we can give it a full inspection. The courteous and professional team will answer any questions that you might have and you’ll learn something in the process. Just click the button on the right side of this page to schedule an appointment today!

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