It’s been said by a few experts that your HVAC system is the heart and lungs of your home. If you have ever lived in a home with window A/C units, space heaters, and stationary fans, you probably understand this better than anyone. When the heart and lungs in one’s body have trouble or stop working, they’re in big trouble.

Well, the same is true for homes. The air ducts are arteries that carry air instead of blood. The operating units are the hearts that pump air instead of blood. Looking at it this way allows you to equate the bad cholesterol, fats, and blockages in veins to allergens, dust mites, and pet dander in your vents. The bottom line is that your HVAC system requires cleaning and regular maintenance.


Seeing how important the air you breathe is, you may not want to see what is lining the ducts of your HVAC system. That said, there are plenty of professional air duct cleaners that can make small work of the dust and particles that have built up over the years. Though there is some debate as to whether there are health benefits to this service, people who have had it done, claim that they seem to be breathing much better and have noticed a reduction in their allergies.

Regardless, having clean air ducts just sounds better, doesn’t it? While the jury is still out, all evidence points to the fact that cleaning your air ducts won’t hurt anything and likely will help.


Aside from getting your ducts cleaned once every couple years, changing your air filters is extremely important. Your air filters scrub every bit of air that gets circulated through your home and HVAC system. The better your air filter rating, the better the air your family is breathing. It’s not rocket science. It was once said in regards to riding motorcycles, “If you have a five-dollar head, wear a five-dollar helmet.”

The same goes for your home and the lungs of everyone involved, including pets. You don’t have to buy a $200 filter, but spend a little more than whatever the bargain brand is and make a difference for your family’s respiratory health. A good option is the Nordic Pure with a 10 rating. The ratings go higher and lower than that, but 10 is a really good choice for most homes and systems. It’s recommended that you change your filters every 90 days, or when the seasons change. Don’t neglect your air filters!


Even people that get their ducts cleaned and change their filters regularly still may forget or neglect preemptive maintenance. Getting your HVAC system checked before something goes awry can be very beneficial. Like just about any other device or health issue, taking care of things before they go wrong gives you a huge advantage. So get your heating system checked in the summer or A/C system checked in the winter will give you a leg up, and could end up saving you hundreds, or even thousands in the long run.