The warm Georgia climate makes a functioning air conditioner a necessity, especially given the fact that roughly six months of the year are relatively warm in Alpharetta. As such, regular central air conditioning maintenance is crucial for several reasons.


No one wants their air conditioner to go out during the middle of a hot spell. Homes can get unbearably warm, significantly reducing the quality of life. It can even be dangerous to your health or the health of pets. On top of that, being able to find an air conditioner repairman during the middle of the hot season isn’t going to be easy, meaning you could go weeks living in a warm house. By performing regular maintenance, you can ensure that the temperature of your home will be pleasant over the summer.


Not only will preventative maintenance keep you from an uncomfortable summer, it can prevent larger problems from arising. Catching issues before they start will not only keep your air conditioner from failing on you, it can prevent future costly issues. Air conditioners that are left unchecked for long periods of time are bound to experience some degree of breakdown.

Air conditioners themselves are not designed to last longer than about 10 years, and some of the individual parts won’t even last that long. Having a trained HVAC professional examine your air conditioner regularly will help you replace pieces before they fail, and ultimately extend the life of your system.


If the temperature of the house feels pleasant, and you notice that the air conditioner is pumping out cool air, it’s easy to assume that everything is working fine. Although everything might seem normal, if certain aspects of your air conditioner aren’t functioning in the correct way, the entire machine is working very inefficiently. As a result, you’ll get slapped with an enormous electric bill. Regular maintenance can ensure that your air conditioner keeps functioning at the level it should, keeping you from getting stunned by an enormous energy bill.


When an air conditioner isn’t working appropriately, it can be introducing bad elements into the air in your home. Those who are particularly sensitive to air quality might be adversely affected. Although it won’t be particularly dangerous, it can still be unpleasant. Malfunctioning air conditioners can kick up dust, dirt, or other air pollutants and circulate them around your house. Preventative maintenance can also detect these issues early on, so you don’t have to first experience the unpleasant air quality to notice something is wrong with your AC unit.


As mentioned, preventative maintenance will keep you from having to replace an entire system unexpectedly. Keeping a close eye on the individual components of your system makes it easier to replace individual parts as needed, which is a much cheaper alternative to replacing an entire system. Not only is replacing an entire system expensive, it can be a major undertaking. You can end up without air conditioning for extended periods of time, whereas with regular maintenance you prevent issues by fixing individual pieces at a lower cost.

In order to avoid much larger issues, it’s wise to seek out air conditioning service repair in Alpharetta, Georgia, before ending up sweating indoors.