Without a functioning HVAC, the air quality and comfort of your home will suffer. While HVAC systems are designed for longevity, repairs are sometimes needed. If you notice any banging, clanging, or irregularities occurring, your appliance may need AC and heating repair in Grayson, GA. Of course, the problem you’re experiencing could be due to a number of different things. But there are a few common issues that most homeowners experience with their HVACs.


The best way to care for your HVAC system is to take preventative maintenance measures. Tune-ups and cleanings ensure that no dust and debris affect the performance of the many components of your appliance. Oftentimes, when homeowners experience issues with their HVAC, it’s due to an issue that could have easily been prevented had they opted for a maintenance program.


How often are you changing the air filter in your HVAC? If you’re using your appliance regularly, it’s recommended that you change out the filter at least once a month. A clean filter ensures that debris, allergens, and dust aren’t spread throughout your home. Plus, it allows your appliance to heat or cool your home without working overtime. If you neglect changing your filter, you may find that specific components burn out or that your system won’t work as efficiently as it did in the past.


While it’s normal for your HVAC system to have a little bit of water leaking from time to time, pooling is never normal. If you see a leak that’s turning into a pool, it could be an indication of a refrigerant leak. The refrigerant in your system is responsible for creating the cool air that’s blown through your system. If a leak is present, it’s not only a health hazard, but it also prevents your HVAC from cooling as it should. You may notice that air is being pumped through your ducts, but it might be warmer than normal. This also causes the condenser to work harder, leading to even more HVAC issues.


Without a proper connection, your thermostat can’t trigger your HVAC to heat or cool your home properly. Thermostat issues are more common than you may think. In some cases, the connection may be faulty, while in other cases, it may be a programming issue. No matter what the cause is, a problem with your thermostat won’t allow your appliance to do its job. Whether you need to upgrade your thermostat or simply need a wire adjustment, a professional HVAC company can fix the problem.


If your outside HVAC unit is overgrown with weeds, flowers, and bushes, you’re destined for problems. The outdoor unit needs to be free and clear of any obstructions in order to function properly. Many homeowners forget to inspect their outdoor unit and clear any debris that may be lodged within, leading to serious issues, premature part burnout, and irregular cooling patterns.

No matter what’s causing your HVAC issues, it’s important to let the professionals handle it. At the first sign of trouble, call for AC service and repair in Grayson, GA. With the help of the experts, you’ll find that your system is fixed and functioning properly in no time.